meet hollie


Planned. Organised. Driven.
And not your usual business coach.

Doing things differently since 1984 (not how long I’ve been working, I assure you!), my approach to business is far from linear.
It’s far from ‘normal’. Because really, what is normal?

Let’s work together to find your normal and get you excited about kicking arse in your business.

01. organised

Systems, wall planners, desk planners/diaries,
e-calendars, and the planner in my head. All in sync. Then there’s my filing systems. If it can be planned or organised, I’ve done it.

02. calm

Staying calm* and in control is easy when you love what you do. Helping you move forward in your business brings me incredible joy, and I get to do the work I love most.
*Sometimes I’m not so calm but I’m human, yeah?


If I say I’ll do something, I will do it. If there is a hold-up, I will tell you. I am only one person and can only take on so many things. That’s why you’ll see I have limited availability. No scarcity here, just straight up facts. 

Proven Success

Client focussed, every time.

Seeing you succeed is pretty much why I do what I do.
Okay, maybe seeing my daughter do awesome things brings me just a little bit more joy, but when it comes to business, seeing you dream the thing, do the thing, and achieve the thing – that’s a brilliant feeling. Your succes give me goosebumps and butterflies, and usually all at once.

Hollie has been an encouragement in helping me get planning my weeks so that they align with my overall goals. Showing me that no small step is too small but rather a way to create habits to work towards the goals.

Jess Paget

The Store Keeper Co.


Your Productivity Coach

Hollie Barac

Founder + Productivity Coach

Organised, creative, proactive, dedicated, and always looking to help others move forward in their business, coming back to my roots in administration and customer service was the perfect opportunity to begin Mayday VA.

I’ve worked in many industries – accounting, banking and finance, I.T., retail, government, and design – but find helping others the most rewarding.

With qualifications in Business Administration, Retail Management, and Micro Business, along with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning – more about that later, since starting Mayday VA in December 2018 I’ve helped many creative women in business bring structure and organisation to their business.

Twelve months in, my business experienced a huge shift, something that was not on the cards until 2022. Something that I am incredibly proud of, and equally grateful for.

Here at Mayday VA, I’m all about making your life easier. As a productivity coach, working with you and seeing you achieve your goals really sets my soul on fire. We can work together in a 1:1 environment, or in my group coaching membership. Let me help you find your productivity groove and help you move forward in your business.


My Strengths


Planners, filing, my kitchen drawers…
all organised!

State of Calm

Breathe, 1…2…3…
Calm and composed to get the job done.


If I say I’ll do something,
I’ll do it.



Mum bun or vintage pin curls, this is me.
And I’m okay with that.


When you least expect it,
I’ll have you in stitches.


I’m not afraid to find the answers
to make sure your puzzle fits perfectly.

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Melbourne, Victoria