Welcome to this episode of The Organised Women in Business Podcast. This fortnight’s episode is about the importance of networks.

Being an entrepreneur is often a solo gig.  Even if you have a team, like I do, it’s still lonely.

I’ve got my wonderful bookkeeper…in Queensland.

My amazing podcast producer and engineer, he’s in Colombia.

We can’t exactly gather in the kitchen for a cuppa every morning.

All our communication is dependent on technology. At least with my bookkeeper I can meet with her in the same timezone April to October!

Today’s episode discusses online and real-life networks, how each is valuable, and why I love them.

These are some of the networks I’m part of and use regularly in my day/week (* denotes paid membership):

The Social Method Society*

The Makers’ Co. Community

The Kate Toon Group
The Clever Copywriting School*

The Email Experience*

And then there’s my brand new FREE Facebook Community:

Organised Women in Business

Dear listeners, I’ve a question (or few) for you.

Are you a member of any networks? Real-life? Online? Both? Do you participate regularly, or are you a bit of a lurker on the sidelines?

Let me know below, or on my Facebook page! Or pop into my free group 

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