Website Customisation and Maintenance


Websites can be tricky and cause unnecessary headaches. Let me alleviate those stresses with website customisation and maintenance services. Specialising in WordPress and Divi, let’s work together to bring your dream website to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

THere's broken code on my website. Can you fix it?

No. I am not a web developer. While I do understand basic HTML, I do not like to mess around with a theme’s code. I can put you in contact with a trusty developer though.

is page copy included in the package?

No. If you would like me to provide copy for your pages, you can purchase a copywriting add-on.

If you have your copy all ready to go, I am only too happy to drop it in during the customisation process.

what websites do you work with?

WordPress is my jam. I love it. It’s what I’ve been using for my own websites now for almost 10 years. However, I have helped a few people on other platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce before I started Mayday VA (in fact, it was helping these people that made me realise I needed to start Mayday VA!).

can you build me a website from scratch?

No, but I can recommend someone who specialises in custom WordPress design.

i already have a website but want to give it a makeover. can you help me?

Yes. Book in your free 30 minute discovery call and we can discuss how big the makeover will be (i.e. cosmetic changes like dying your hair, or a whole new look like updating your wardrobe, hair style and colour).

Where do you find your website themes and templates?

My favourite theme for WordPress is Divi. It has so many layout packs (templates) that are completely customisable that – unless you choose not to incorporate your brand colours into your website – it’s highly unlikely that two websites will look the same.

You can also find themes/templates on Creative Market and Etsy, as well as just doing a Google search.

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